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When you think of something chic, you probably think of Audrey Hepburn- a simple and elegant immigrant American and a goodwill Ambassador. The principle and art of chic revolves around elegance and simplicity, not just in style; it applies to the way we live- what we say, how we eat, our thinking, perspective, way of life and our attitude towards one another. Whichever it’s applied, so long as it’s simple: Less is more.

Welcome to the chic, where we talk about how to live your best life yet- consciously, kindly and mindfully.

Modern Americans are exposed to enough knowledge to help them make elevated, conscious decisions and encourage more awareness. We are diverse and celebrating diversity. We share stories and conversations from this modern living:

  • Featured profiles, entrepreneurs and experts
  • Food that nurture body and soul
  • Wellness ideas
  • Mindfulness & awareness
  • Diversity
  • Parenting
  • Clean beauty, Slow fashion & Style
  • All of this does not necessary come at the cost of leaving behind good looking aesthetics, we keep that fully in mind when recommending ideas and product

Modern Americans are redefining American chic and we’re all about capturing this beautiful evolution and moment. 

  • We will pack up on life advice from experts with you in mind
  • We will share stories of real people- their challenges and success
  • We believe in less is more and will strive to offer you product ideas that match most budgets while maintaining style and kindness to our planet.
  • We will strive to offer you ideas to help you break free from mindless consumerism and empower you in finding true taste and happiness from within
  • We will report on trend that keeps sustainability in mind. And we will listen to your thoughts and pass them on to our, your community.

With love from our chic family to yours. 

How did the Chic start?

Hi, I’m Nancy Rahman, editor at the Chic. I moved to Chicago as an immigrant from Dubai in 2011. I am Egyptian by culture and nationality. I started blogging due to scarce work opportunities and from there started the chic’s journey.

In 2013, I blogged about the post-financial crisis America where youth was disrupting, innovating and evolving. Artistry, entrepreneurship and self employment flourished.

Meanwhile, the social internet life soared and people around me started traveling and experiencing the world more, bringing back inspiration and creativity.

A Redirection

In 2015, I had children and my passion for the environment and wellness grew stronger. I researched and spent more time educating myself on both topics. This is where I decided to use the chic’s platform and share all my findings in daily inspiration with the chic’s brilliant team. I hope to help you pick up a few thoughtful habits that are kinder to the environment and empower you with simple yet beautiful tactics that help you add even bigger purpose for your wonderful life – from self love to outward, environmental love and everything in between. It is with absolute pleasure that I share these ideas, findings, people and products to enrich your life inside out.

I will do my best to remain loyal to the main voice of this blog & website: championing kindness to one another, inspiring you through interviews with supermen and super women, consuming mindfully in health and lifestyle as well as kindness to the planet.

  1. Hi! Your blog seems really great, I’m not really into fashion but I’d love to explore some of your posts, who knows I might really like something 😛

    Aaran 🙂

  2. Love following your blog and hearing all about Chicago styles. I lived in River North for a few years, and I definitely agree the fashions in the area are hard to beat 🙂

    1. Thank you! Will do my best to update you with the latest on street. Next week were launching Chicago homes, showing off what’s inside Chicago- how stylish we can be 😉 thanks again xo

  3. I love a bit of chic! and miss it as I no longer work in a studio… but now in a workshop….
    I think I might be needing some inspiration! (boiler suits don’t do me no good!) lol!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and, in so doing, introducing me to yours. Love your thought that dressing can shape a culture in so many ways! I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you for liking thechicagochic! I try my best to show the world the real Chicago that’s not seen much on global media- the people that make this city more than great. Yep worked on the creative for this logo 🙂

  5. Having lived in Chicago I agree with you. However, I am a New Jersey/New Yorker (I can see my New York friends cringe) at heart. I am so glad you found my blog, it gave me the opportunity to find you.

      1. I lived in Chicago for 18 months a while ago. I liked it but, that cold winter…. hahaha. New York is home to me although Chicago was a really nice place to live for a little while 🙂

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